Orchestra Department

Orchestra Conducting and Instrumentation Division

One of the founders of the art of orchestral conducting was I. Moussin. The formation of this speciality in 1950-60s is linked with the names of I. Gitgarts, M. Shneiderman, V. Doubrovsky and V. Katayev. During several years the Division fruitfully co-operated with famous conductors – Honoured Worker of Arts of Belarus M. Kolyadko, A. Sosnsovskiy, V. Chernuho and others. Among the pupils of the Division is a galaxy of musicians who made an essential contribution into the development of the musical culture of Belarus, namely: People’s Artists of Belarus M. Kozinets, M. Finberg, Honoured Artists and Workers of Arts of Belarus I. Abramis, Y. Vasilevskiy, A. Lapounov, L. Lyakh, L. Ivanov, A. Palvinskiy, G. Soroka, and also N. Aldanov, A. Berin, V. Bormotov, G. Ermochenkov, A. Engelbrekht, V. Malykh, P. Vandilovsky and others. The teachers of the Division, among whom there are such musicians with a great experience of concert and pedagogical activities, like People’s Artist of Belarus M. Bersan, Head of the Division, Assistant Professors P. Vandilovsky, S. Kofanov, B. Tchoudakov, Z. Shatilo, Senior Teachers V. Miniaev, V. Volotkovich, L. Ginko, are ensuring training of specialists in speciality “Conductor of Opera-Symphony Orchestra” and specializations “Conductor of Chamber Orchestra”, “Conductor of Orchestra of Folk Instruments”, “Conductor of Orchestra of Wind Instruments”.

Since September 1, 2017 the department of Orchestral Conducting has been transformed into the Orchestral Conducting and Instrumentation Division.