About the Library

Library Services

  • Provision of complete information about the composition of the library fund through the system of catalogs, databases and other forms of library information.
  • Consulting on the use of reference and bibliographic system of the library (card and electronic catalogs, databases, reference and information publications).
  • Loan of printed publications and other documents from the library fund for temporary use in the reading rooms and loan departments.
  • Tutoring on the drawing of references for scientific papers.
  • Assignment of UDC, LBC indices, author mark.
  • Completion of bibliographic directories, lists of documents to supportthe educational process and scientific activities (at the request of departments and other structural divisions).
  • Oral bibliographic and factual references.
  • Organization and holding of exhibitions of new acquisitions, thematic exhibitions, bibliographic reviews and open views of literature, presentations and other events to promote the library fund.
  • Informing about new acquisitions of the library (at the request of departments and other structural divisions).
  • Providing access to databases available in the library.
  • Advising users on searching for information in databases.