Departments, divisions

Bayan-Accordion Division

The formation of the national bayan school is connected with the pedagogical activities of E. Azarevich. Of great importance for the department was the work of the Honoured Worker of Arts of Belarus, Honorary Professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Professor M. Solopov. Among the leading teachers of the Division of Bayan and Accordion are Honoured Artist of Belarus, Professor N. Sevroukov, Doctor of Musicology, Professor V. Chaban, Assistant Professors M. Boula, A. Shouvalov (Head of the Division), Professor of the Division B. Sinetsky, V. Pissarchik, Assistant Professors T. Braginetz, who are successfully continuing traditions of bayan performance in Belarus.

The talented students of the Division are regularly participation in international performance competitions. Many of them became winners of the most prestigious international competition of bayan-players in Klingenthal (Germany). They are I. Otradnov, A. Matskevich, V. Lyudchik, A. Shouvalov, V. Pligovka, A. Taran, the duet of I. Otradnov (bayan) and M. Maretsky (mandolin), the duet of accordion-players N. Slyusar and E. Zybo, the duet of bayan-players S. Voytovich and O. Ivaniuk. The performance at the International Competition in Castelfedardo (Italy) brought a victory to B. Biochich, D. Otradnov, V. Pligovka and others. The trio of bayan-players “Minsk” conducted by Professor V. Pissarchik was awarded with multiple high prizes. During the last decade the following pupils of the Division became laureates of international competitions: A. Shouvalov, I. Kvashevich, K. Tarasenko, A. Daraganov, I. Kalenchitz, V. Pligovka.