Piano, Composition, Musicology Department

Division of Musical Pedagogy, History and Theory of Performing Arts

Head of the Division – Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School (ІНЕАS) and the Belarusian Academy of Education V. Yakonyuk. An educational and scientific-methodological subdivision of such profile was established in 1978 for the first time in the practice of the higher musical school of the former USSR (Head of the Division – S. Benediktov). The opening of the Division of psychology-pedagogic direction was caused by the necessity to improve both theoretical and practical pedagogical training of future teachers of music.

In 1988 the Division was headed by Professor V. Yakonyuk. During a decade, reformation of the training process took place, the scientific-methodical work of the Division was substantially expanded. On the basis of the sector of pedagogical practice children’s musical school-studio was created (head – L. Kozlovskaya). A significant place in the work of the Division is taken by scientific management of preparation of master’s dissertations in all specialities. Post-graduate courses of the Division are very fruitful. Of great importance in the preparation of graduate students was the work of such provessors as Candidates of Musicology, Professors K. Stepantsevich, V. Kokoushkin (Head of the Division in 1998–2005).

The faculty of the Division has stabilised; now it includes the Candidates of Musicology, Assistant Professors I. Vedenin, V. Sakharova, V. Nevdakh, I. Onoshko, Candidate of Pedagogy, Assistant Professors A. Samousenko, Senior Teachers L. Zhoukova.