Student research and creative society

The Student Research and Creative Society of the Belarusian State Academy of Music was established in 1949. The first head of the Society was Professor Viktor Bely. Currently, the head of the Society is Alla Tikhomirova, Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor.

Main activity areas of the Student Research and Creative Society:

  • doing research work;
  • reporting at the scientific conferences;
  • carrying out critical and publishing activities; conducting lectures;
  • meeting with composers, performers, musicologists, teachers, outstanding Belarusian and foreign artists’
  • studying new audio and video recordings as well as research papers;
  • studying the pieces of art by students-composers and having discussions.

Out-of-class concert performances of the Academy’s soloists, choirs, symphony, wind, chamber and folk instruments orchestras, as well as participation in national and international competitions are the types of creative work that require students’ involvement. In 2011-2015, various events were held, such as the fugue concert and competition, the harmony competition, the concert of percussion instruments ensemble playing pieces of composition and musicology students “Rhythm: theory and practice”; the meeting with A.Ivanov dedicated to his 75th anniversary, the concert and lecture “Minimalism and postminimalism in the context of postmodern discourse” with participation of the BSU Discussion Club (Faculty of philosophy and social sciences).