Preparatory department

Head of the Department – Hihich Sophia

The training course at the Preparatory Department is aimed at studying the subjects necessary for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the education specialization “Art and Design” and the education field “Art of Music” in the specialities (sub-specialities) of the 1st and 2nd levels of higher education:

  • – 1-16 01 01 Composition
  • – 1-16 01 02-02 Conducting (academic choir)
  • – 1-16 01 03 Piano
  • – 1-16 01 04-01 Bowed string instruments (violin)
  • – 1-16 01 04-02 Bowed string instruments (viola)
  • – 1-16 01 04-03 Bowed string instruments (cello)
  • – 1-16 01 04-04 Bowed string instruments (double bass)
  • – 1-16 01 06-01 Wind instruments (flute)
  • – 1-16 01 06-02 Wind instruments (oboe)
  • – 1-16 01 06-03 Wind instruments (clarinet)
  • – 1-16 01 06-04 Wind instruments (bassoon)
  • – 1-16 01 06-05 Wind instruments (horn)
  • – 1-16 01 06-06 Wind instruments (tuba)
  • – 1-16 01 06-07 Wind instruments (trombone)
  • – 1-16 01 06-08 Wind instruments (trumpet)
  • – 1-16 01 06-09 Wind instruments (baritone)
  • – 1-16 01 06-10 Wind instruments (saxophone)
  • – 1-16 01 07 Percussion instruments
  • – 1-16 01 08-01 Plucked string instruments (classical guitar)
  • – 1-16 01 08-02 Plucked string instruments (cimbalom)
  • – 1-16 01 08-03 Plucked string instruments (balalaika)
  • – 1-16 01 08-04 Plucked string instruments (domra)
  • – 1-16 01 09 Bayan-accordion
  • – 1-16 01 10-01 Singing (academic)
  • – 1-16 80 01 Musical Art

Study at the preparatory department is intended for applicants wishing to prepare for admission to the Academy of Music, as well as for foreign citizens who do not speak Russian or whose command of the language is insufficient for studying at the higher educational institution.

For those wanting to get master’s degree in English, there is an opportunity to study according to the English-language curriculum of the preparatory department.

The major objectivities of the departments are:

  • formation of a knowledge system among students, necessary for admission to higher education institutions (hereinafter referred to as HEI) of the Republic of Belarus in the chosen education specialization;
  • conducting vocational guidance among graduates of institutions of general secondary, technical and vocational and secondary specialized education;
  • student adaptation to study at HEI;
  • organization of ideological and educational work in implementing an supplementary educational program for adults.

After the training course, students take tests and exams in all subjects provided by the curriculum. Successful passing of the exams is a condition for admission to the basic course of study at the Academy of Music (for foreign students).

At the preparatory department of the Belarusian State Academy of Music the full-time study form is provided. The length of the supplementary educational program for adults is 9 months (from September 15 till June 14) in case of developing the educational program of the training course for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

The procedure for submitting documents for the competition for admission

to the Preparatory Department in 2021

  1. To get aninvitation for study in the Republic of Belarus it requires submitting electronic copies (scan) of the following documents to the e-mail: international_st@bgam.by :

    1.1 All completed passport pages;
    1.2 Notarized translation of the passport into Russian.
    1.3 Link to the video of the program performance can be posted on the website www.youtube.com. The recording must be submitted without any video and audio editing*. Requirements for the video recording by specialty are listed below. It is also possible to submit the documents for invitation and video recording of your performance (on USB flash drive) through an intermediary.

    * When sending a letter, be sure to indicate in Russian or English: the surname and the first name, the program of the performance (indicating the composer, the author of the lyrics, if any, the number and opus of the composition), the name of the educational institution, stage for the education (to the 1st year – I stage, to the master’s degree – II stage of the education).

    Acceptance of the documents for getting the invitation for study is carried out from April 01 to April 30.

    PLEASE, NOTE that after receiving the invitation for study, foreign citizens are required to inform the educational and methodological department about the expected date of arrival in the Republic of Belarus by e-mail: international_st@bgam.by

    Video recording’s audition: from May 4 to May 20.

    After successfully passing the audition stage, the educational and methodological department sends the candidate the official invitation for study, which allows him to get a study visa at the consular office of the Republic of Belarus at the candidate’s place of residence.

    Registration of the invitation for study is free of charge.
  1. Terms of the arrival to study and personal submission of the documents: from August 23, 2021 to September 10, 2021 (Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya Str., room 126)
  1. The conditions for admission:

    On arrival in the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen must submit a package of the documents to the educational and methodological department (Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya Str., room 126) and go through the process of enrollment in the academy:

    – Application for admission to study in the prescribed form;
    – The original of the certificate (document) in education with an indication of the studied subjects and the marks (points) obtained for them on exams;
    – The conclusion of the medical advisory board issued by the territorial health organization of the Republic of Belarus (after passing a mandatory medical examination in the direction of the educational institution);
    – Medical certificate of health status and certificate of absence of HIV infection, issued by the official health authority of the country from which the candidate came to study;
    – Notarized copy of the birth certificate;
    – 6 photos, size 3×4 cm.

    To have an identity document, a study visa and a compulsory medical insurance contract drawn up in the manner prescribed by law is a prerequisite for admission to the preparatory department.
  1. A1 level of knowledge of the Russian language is welcomed. To better adapt to the training at the preparatory department, the Academy organizes anOnline Summer School for the Study of the Russian language for musicians. The summer school program is designed for those who are just starting to learn Russian. This is a good opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of musical art in Russian. Also, this course will help you adapt to the understanding of words and expressions of musical topics in the classes in professional subjects. The training will take place in groups of 8 to 10 people using the Zoom platform. Please provide information on your intention to attend the Online Summer School in a letter (including name, surname and program) before April 30, 2021.


Copies of all the documents must be certified in the prescribed manner by the seal of a notary, and all the documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by their notarized translation into Russian.


Speciality 1-16 01 01 Composition

Speciality 1-16 01 02-01 Conducting
(academic choir)

Speciality 1-16 01 03 Piano

Speciality 1-16 01 04 Bowed string instruments (by specialities):
1-16 01 04-01 Bowed string instruments (violin)
1-16 01 04-02 Bowed string instruments (viola)
1-16 01 04-03 Bowed string instruments (cello)
1-16 01 04-04 Bowed string instruments (double bass)

Speciality 1-16 01 06 Wind instruments (by specialities):
1-16 01 06-01 Wind instruments (flute)
1-16 01 06-02 Wind instruments (oboe)
1-16 01 06-03 Wind instruments (clarinet)
1-16 01 06-04 Wind instruments (bassoon)
1-16 01 06-05 Wind instruments (horn)
1-16 01 06-06 Wind instruments (tuba)
1-16 01 06-07 Wind instruments (trombone)
1-16 01 06-08 Wind instruments (trumpet)
1-16 01 06-09 Wind instruments (baritone)
1-16 01 06-10 Wind instruments (saxophone)

Speciality 1-16 01 07 Percussion instruments

Speciality 1-16 01 08
Plucked string instruments (by specialities):

1-16 01 08-01 Plucked string instruments (classical guitar)
1-16 01 08-02 Plucked string instruments (cimbalom)
1-16 01 08-03 Plucked string instruments (balalaika)
1-16 01 08-04 Plucked string instruments (domra)

Speciality 1-16 01 09 Bayan-accordion

Speciality 1-16 01 10-01 Signing (academic)

In the absence of a complete package of documents, the applicant is not allowed to participate in the competitive selection.

If you have any questions, please contact the Head of the Preparatory Department, e-mail: podgotov_otd@bgam.by

Specialist of the Preparatory Department – Olga Medvedeva.

The Preparatory Department is located in the academic building №1 (30 Internatsionalnaya Str., room № 210), e-mail: podgotov_otd@bgam.by .