Areas of the research

Scientific research and developments aimed to scientifically and technically support the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus

  • (Musical Art, 17.00.02)
  • (Theory and methodology of professional education, 13.00.08)

Fundamental issues of musicology

  • History and theory of music, ethnomusicology (Musical Art, 17.00.02)
  • Belarusian music in world and European art (Musical Art, 17.00.02)
  • Ethnomusicology history and theory issues of world musical culture (Musical Art, 17.00.02)
  • Theory and history of performing arts (Musical Art, 17.00.02)
  • Theoretical issues of music education (Theory and methodology of professional education, 13.00.08)
  • Theory issues of linguistics in the context of spiritual development of society and world art process (Russian language. Belarusian language, 10.02.01, 10.02.02) (General linguistics. Sociolinguistics. Psycholinguistics, 10.02.19)