Orchestra Department

Brass and Percussion Instruments Division

The history of the Division keeps the names of highly professional musicians who laid the foundation of development of national performance on copper and percussion instruments, including R. Lagonda (trombone), P. Denisov and V. Volkov (trumpet), M. Minenkova (percussion), Ya. Stegenniy, Yu. Loginov, Ch. Yushkevich (French horn).

Today, the Division is headed by Professor L. Klinduhova. It comprises famous musicians: Candidate of Musicology, Professor M. Volkov, Professor P. Doudarenko (tuba), Assistant Professors V. Tarashkevich (French horn), L. Klinduhova (percussion instrumants) and others. Among laureates and prize-winners are Andrey Kovalinsky, Yevgeny Lyatte, Dmitry Makarevich, Maksim Shkulepa (trumpet), Sergey Buranov, Anna Semenova (percussion instruments), Eduard Lange (French horn), Sergey Shepelev, Oleg Mariankov (tuba), Konstantin Karpovich, Aleksandr Demidenko, Marina Sosenkova, Vitaliy Karabuhin (trombone). The ensemble of trumpeters conducted by Professor M. Volkov “Intrada” obtained a broad international recognition.