Orchestra Department

String Bow Instruments Division

The Division existed since 1932, when the conservatory was founded. In 1982–1984 were set up two divisions: The Violin Division and The Division of Viola, Cello and Contrabass. The formation and development of the Belarusian violin school is connected with the names of Professors M. Bratennikov, M. Goldstein and V. Goldfeld. A great upsurge of violin performance art in the 1970–80s was caused by creative and pedagogical activities of widely-known musicians-performers R. Nodel, A. Kramarov, V. Parkhomenko. An essential contribution into training of violinists was made by distinctive Belarusian violinists L. Gorelik, G. Klochko, V. Chernysh, V. Zelenin and E. Kuchinsky. From 2005 the Violin Division headed by Assistant Professor T. Bodneva. The Division employs Professor A. Yanpolsky, Senior Tearcher R. Krivel, who are successfully developing the best traditions of the Belarusian violin school. During the last decade the following pupils of the Division became laureates of international competitions: N. Stolyarskaya, A. Zherego, A. Yakonyuk, Ya. Osnovich, Yu. German, Yu. Stefanovich, A. Podov, T. Levitskaya, A. Shishkov, E. Pukst, V. Berejnaya, E. Polyakova.

At the beginning of the Division of Viola, Cello and Contrabass were remarkable professionals: cellists M. Kaluzhsky, A. Stogorsky, A. Vlasov, viola player P. Kirilchenko, contrabass player S. Hersonsky and others. In 1984 an independent division was organised. A considerable contribution into the division development was made by cellists Y. Xaviereff (who managed the chair in 1984–1997), N. Shcherbakov, B. Skoblo, S. Madorsky, E. Feshchenko, viola player V. Skibin, harpist S. Afanasieva. Talented and highly qualified teachers work here: Honoured Artists of Belarus, Professors M. Krivosheyev (contrabass) and V. Perlin (cello), Assistant Professor L. Lastovka (viola), V. Rylatko (viola), E. Feschenko (cello), senior teachers N. Shpenyova (cello), V. Pulenkov (contrabass), A. Karajev (viola), A. Afanasyev (cello). The pupils of the Division are successfully performing at international competitions. Among laureates are cellists Li Bin (China), D. Tsipkin, E. Sharakhovskaya, K. Zelenin, O. Rodevich, L. Antikona-Kabaliero, contrabassists D. Levonyuk, P. Sidorenko, V. Veselovskiy, violists M. Zelenina, S. Golubovskaya, E. Domanskaya and others.

April 25, 2011 Violin Division and The Division of Viola, Cello and Contrabass were again united. Head of the Division is Assistant Professor T. Bodneva.