Piano, Composition, Musicology Department

Concertmaster’s Skills Division

A considerable number of students of the Piano Department obtain a specialisation of a concertmaster. The traditions of mastering of artistic accompaniment were laid down by the founders of the Belarusian piano school G. Petrov and M. Berger (the first Head of the Division of Concertmaster’s Skills, 1966). From the mid-1950s the concertmaster’s class has been taught by the famous Belarusian composer E. Tyrmand, who managed to create a unique system of training concertmasters and is a founder of an original national school of concertmaster’s skills. The modern high level of professional training of concertmasters is ensured by Senior Teacher T. Dubrovskaya (Head of the Division), Assistant Professors S. Byalkevich, S. Okolova, S. Os’kina, Honoured Artist of Belarus, Assistant Professor L. Tolkachova, Professor of the Division G. Korzhenevskaya and a number of teachers of the younger generation.