Piano, Composition, Musicology Department

Division of Special Piano

This Division stood at the cradle of the Belarusian State Conservatoire and made an essential contribution into the formation of the Belarusian performance school. The creative image of the Division formed under the influence of the Moscow and St. Petersburg piano schools. The formation and development of the national piano school is linked with the names of M. Berger, G. Shershevsky, I. Tsvetayeva, V. Epstein, E. Alterman, V. Shatsky.

Currently, talented pedagogues are fruitfully working at the Division, among them are Honoured Workers of Arts of Belarus, Professors of the Division V. Nekhayenko, L. Shelomentseva, Professor L. Yushkevich, Z. Kаcharskaya, L. Ter-Minasyan, Assistant Professors V. Doulov (Head of the Division), T. Volodsko, A. Khimchenko, S. Mikulik, N. Gromova, Senior Teachers M. Rusakova, E. Vashkevich. For many years among the most successful teachers of the Division are well-known performers of the country, the soloist of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, People’s Artist of Belarus, State Prize Laureate of Belarus, author of multiple transcripts for the piano, Professor I. Olovnikov, Art Director of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, Honoured Artist of Belarus, Professor of the Division Yu. Guildyuk and others.

The high professional level of Professors and teachers allowed to prepare a number of talented young pianists for participation in international competitions. Among them are the winners of first prizes of international competitions in the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, performers, well-known in the country and abroad A. Sikorsky, Y. Blinov, A. Ponochevny, I. Serguey, K. Krasnitsky, A. Mouzykantov, V. Netouk, P. Koschevo, M. Irgalina, piano duet of A. Getmanova and A. Poznyakova and others. The Division has prepared a total of 50 laureates of international competitions. An evidence of high international recognition of the national piano school became the victories of pianists Andrey Ponochevny at the International Competition named after P. Tchaikovsky (Moscow, 2002, 3 Prize) and Konstantin Krasnitsky at the International Competition named after S. Rakhmaninov (Moscow, 2002, 4 Prize). Thanks to creative achievements of young Belarusian pianists, it became possible to hold in Belarus a number of huge “Minsk-96”, “Minsk-2000”, “Minsk-2005”, “Minsk-2010”, whose winners became A. Sikorsky, A. Mouzykantov, T. Scherbakov, V. Shatskaya.

An evidence of international recognition of the Belarusian piano school was inclusion of the Belarusian Public Association of Piano Teachers, whose founder and President is Professor V. Yakonyuk, and Vice-Presidents – V. Olovnikov and V. Nekhayenko into the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA).