Bayan and Accordion Orchestra

Art Director – V. Grischenko

The history of the Orchestra at the Academy of Music begins at the end of 1960. Creative formation of the team is associated with the name of an experienced musician, Associate Professor E.M. Lembovich. On his initiative the Orchestra was organized and he created a repertoire necessary to start the activity of the Orchestra. He also laid a solid foundation for its further development. The improving of the orchestral bayan performing was continued by Professor V.A. Chaban, Candidate of Arts, who greatly expanded the tonal palette and stylistic-and-genre range of the Orchestra repertoire. Over the years, the team was led by Professor M.A. Kozinets, People’s Artist of Belarus, Senior Teacher R.M. Nazarenko, teachers T.D. Chehovskaya, S.S. Ovodok and L.P. Ginko. Since 2002 V.M. Chernikov, Associate Professor of orchestra conducting has been the director of the Orchestra “Art-Harmonicum”. Since September 2014 the artistic director and conductor of the orchestra is Vitaly Grishchenko.

At this stage of development the Orchestra “Art-Harmonicum” is a full-fledged concert unit in the artistic life of the Academy. The repertoire of the Orchestra includes works of world and Russian classics, Belarusian composers, as well as a wide repertoire of the Bayan literature. The performing style of the Orchestra is marked with energetic rhythm, rich, elegant, luscious tutti sound, thin and agile veracity of solo episodes, strict symmetrics and diversity of agogics. The main trend in the development of the Orchestra is search for new forms and means of expression in the bayan-accordion performance.