Instrumental Ensembles

Ensemble of trumpeters

The ensemble was founded by Professor Nikolai M. Volkov, Doctor of Arts, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. A graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, retaining and developing its traditions of playing a wind instrument, Volkov has enriched the Russian school of playing, providing it with originality and uniqueness. So here we see two sources – Russian and Belarusian which claim kinship of two Slavic cultures.

The “Intrada” made its brilliant debut at the International Chamber Music Competition in Smorgon (Belarus, I prize). The Laureate Title in the Prologue of the International Brass Games (Ulyanovsk, Russia, 2001) put the “Intrada” among the best brass ensembles in Eastern Europe. In the beginning the ensemble of trumpeters included students of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, talented pupils of N. Volkov – S. Petrashkevich, D. Trofimovitch, E. Lyatte, D. Makarevich, A. Antonovich and the concertmaster E. Rakuts.

Various musical epochs and styles are perfectly interpreted by the ensemble, its skill level is highly appreciated by musicians from different countries and generations.