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International scientific and practical conference “MUSIC EDUCATION AND SCIENCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian State Academy of Music


On 6 – 8 December the Belarusian State Academy of Music organizes an International scientific and practical conference “Music education and science in the 21st century” dedicated to the anniversary.

Workshops, roundtables, lectures, master classes of famous academics, performers and researchers as well as new publications presentation will take place during the conference.

Main themes:

  • historical development and achievement of Belarusian musicology dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian State Academy of Music;
  • eminent figures of national musical art, science and education whose anniversaries celebrated this year – V.Zolotaryov, G.Shirma, Ya.Stsegenny, I.Zhinovich, A.Klumov, S.Oskolkov, L.Abeliovich, N.Maslov, I.Tsvetayeva, N.Bratennikov, G.Vagner, G.Glushchenko, M.Minenkova, T.Shcherbakova, A.Mdivani, I.Nazina, D.Smolski, V.Shatsky, L.Shelomentseva, M.Finberg and others;
  • modern state of musical and historical as well as musical and theoretical researches;
  • issues of musical pedagogy, history and theory of performing arts: relevant points of musician training.

Researchers, academics and experts of higher and secondary education institutions in the field of musical art, postgraduate and doctoral students are welcome to take part in the conference.

The conference is to be held in a mixed format. The following forms of participation are possible:

  • offline;
  • online or video recording sent by the participant beforehand via the email;
  • poster presentation.

Applications for participation have to be sent before 28 November 2022 to the email address minsk.conference1@gmail.com.

The final decision on the format of the event will be made upon processing of applications received.

 Speech regulations:

  • report at the plenary meeting – up to 20 minutes;
  • report at the breakout session – up to 15 minutes;
  • roundtable presentation – up to 15 minutes;
  • publications presentation – up to 10 minutes.

Video recordings of as well as texts of poster presentations should be sent to minsk.conference1@gmail.com before 5 December 2022.

Languages of the conference – Russian, Belarusian, English.

The publication of scientific articles will follow the conference. The text of the article in Belarusian or Russian language should be sent to minsk.conference1@gmail.com before 16 January 2023.

Each article should be accompanied by the review and minutes excerpt of the department meeting (research department, curriculum committee) with the approval for publication.

A scientific article of 14,000–20,000 characters must contain a brief abstract in the language of the article, a summary in English, and a list of sources used. The text of a scientific article is drawn up in accordance with the requirements posted on the website

Only articles that have not been published before are accepted for publication.

All submitted materials for publication in scientific collections of the Academy of Music are checked for their uniqueness by the Anti-Plagiarism program through the purchased database “University Library”.

The organizing committee has the right to reject articles that do not correspond to the subject of the conference and current requirements for scientific publications.

For organizational issues please contact:

  • Nelli Matsaberidze, Vice-Rector for Research: tel. (+375 17) 360 11 03; prorector_nr@bgam.by;
  • Liliya Barankevich, head of the research department: tel. (+375 17) 342 97 96; nio@bgam.by;
  • Ruzanna Avanesian, head of the international relations department: tel. (+375 17) 367 55 02; international@bgam.by;

Expenses for travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the sending party or by the participant himself.


  • 28 November is the last day to apply for participation in the conference.
  • 2 December is the day of the distribution of the event program.
  • 5 December is the last day for submitting video files of speeches and texts of poster presentations.
  • 6 – 8 December are the conference days.
  • 16 January 2023 is the last day of accepting the texts of scientific articles for publication (with review and minutes excerpt and the recommendation of the article for publication in electronic format)