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Division of Social and Humanity Disciplines

The Division was formed on June 29, 2011, by the decision of the Board of the Academy of Music. It was organized on the basis of the Philosophy Division which started its functioning in 1991 and united broad specialists of philosoilosopy, history, economy. Considerable contribution was made by the heads of the Division: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, docent A. Sankov (1960s), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor A. Ladygina (1970–80s), Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor A. Roschupkin (1990s–2010). Apart from philosophy, esthetics, history and ideology of the native land, curriculum of the Division envisages fundamentals of economic theory, sociology, politology, ethics and law. Also, philosophy of music is presented which affords considering of modern music problems, defining its place in arts, acquaintance with literature where music is a subject of research. Teachers of the Division also lecture on “History of Belarus”, “Civil Law”, “Politology”, “Fundamentals of Ideology”, “Ecology”, “Economical Theory” and “Sociology”, optional courses on “Psychology of Relations” and the other. The Devision provides masters and postgraduates education including majoring in esthetics.

The profiled teaching of the disciplines of the Division is ensured through the availability of experienced teachers, keen in the specificities of a higher musical school, among whom there are pupils of the Academy of Music (Conservatoire) Candidate of Sciences, Assistant Professor G. Dragovets, Assistant Professor N. Stepantsova. Head of the Division – Candidate of Philosophy, Assistant Professor A. Ladutko.

Since January 1, 2018 the Division includes the Division of Languages and the Division of Physical Training.