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International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. V. Rovdo "Choral Arts in the world music space"






International Scientific Conference

dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth

of the People's Artist of the USSR, professor V.V.Rovdo

"Choral Arts in the world music space"

November 22-23, 2021

On November 22-23, 2021 the Belarusian State Academy of Musicholds the International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the People's Artist of the USSR, Professor V. V. Rovdo, "Choral Arts in the world music space".

Problem and thematic areas of the Conference

Choral performing arts: history, prominentfigures, music practice

ü Formation and development of the choral performing arts.

ü Personalia of conductors (professors) in the system of formation of historical memory.

ü Interpretation problems of choral works of Belarusian and foreign composers.

ü Concert activities of choral groups: strategy, tactics, forms of presentation.

Choral conductor education: traditions and practices of modern times

ü Historical experience and modern practice in the field of choral conductor education.

ü Educational information and computer technologies in institutions of higher and specialized secondary education.

ü The key trends in the development of knowledge in the field of choral studies and choral performance.

Choral music in historical retrospect

ü Contemporary choral music: patterns and innovations.

ü Formation, genre and style issues in academic choral music.

Scientific sessions, presentation of publications, film screening, master classes and concerts will be held within the framework of the Scientific Conference.

Scholars, teachers and experts of higher and secondary education institutions in the field of choral arts, PhD students and postgraduate students are invited to participate in the Scientific Conference.

The Conference is planned to be held in the mixed format.

The following forms of participation are stipulated:

1. Face-to-face presentation;

2. Distance presentation (online stream or broadcasting of the video recording, provided by the participants by e-mail in advance);

3. Absentee participation (poster presentation).

The final decision on the format of the event will be made on the processing of the received applications.

The time limit on the presentations:

– report at the plenary session – up to 20 minutes,

– report at the breakout session – up to 15 minutes, and

– presentation of the publication – up to 10 minutes.

The texts of the poster presentations must be sent to the e-mail: minsk_conference@tut.by no later than November 11, 2021.

Conference languages – Russian, Belarusian, English.

According to the Scientific Conference results, the publication in the scientific editions of the Academy of Musicis planned. The text of the scientific article in the Belarusian or Russian languages should be submitted to the e-mail: minsk_conference@tut.by before December 20, 2021. Each article is to be accompanied by a review and an excerpt from the minutes of the department meeting (scientific department, cyclic commission) with recommendation of the article for publication.

A scientific article of 14,000–20,000 characters must contain a short summary in the language of the article, an abstract in English and a list of sources used. The text of the scientific article is formatted in accordance with the requirements posted on the website: http://bgam.by/science/publication

Articles that have not previously been published are accepted for publication.

All the materials submitted for publication in the scientific collections of the Academy of Music are tested for their uniqueness by the "Antiplagiat" software through the purchased database "University Library".

The Organizing Committee has the right to reject the articles that fail to meet the topics of the Conference and the current requirements for scientific publications.

For organizational issues, please contact:

Nelly Matsaberidze, Vice-Rector for Scientific Researches,tel. (+375 17) 360 11 03; prorector_nr@bgam.by;

Lilija Barankevich, Head of the Research Department, tel. (+375 17) 385 97 96; minsk_conference@tut.by ;

Svetlana Gerasimovich, Professor at the Department of Choral Conducting, tel. (+375 29) 351 57 41; svet_gera@mail.ru.


November 11 – the application deadline

November 18 – the event programs will be sent out

November 19 – the deadline for submitting the video files and texts of poster presentations

November 22-23 – the holding of the Conference

December 20 – the deadline for acceptance of scientific articles for publication (with the necessary documents in electronic format attached)

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