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Кафедра инструментовки

Instrumentation Division

Head – Honoured Worker of Arts of the Republic of Belarus, Professor V. Kouznetsov. The Division operates as a part of the Department since 1999 (founded in 1989). In various periods it employed the well-known Belarusian composers S. Beltsyukov, V. Domoratsky, V. Dorokhin, E. Dekhteryk, A. Zalyotnev, L. Zakhlevny, V. Ivanov, S. Kortes, D. Lybin, V. Pomozov, V. Soltan. The Division earlier permanently co-operated with famous specialists in the field of orchestration and arrangement – People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Professor B. Penchouk and People's Artist of Russia, Professor L. Mouranov, Assistant Professors S. Kofanov and B. Choudakov. Currently, the Division is a highly professional pedagogical group. Among its leading teachers are the Honoured Worker of Arts, Professor V. Kouznetsov (Head of the Division), Honoured Worker of Arts of the Republic of Belarus, Professor V. Voitsik, Assistant Professors M. Litvin, S. Yankovich, V. Koroltchouk. The teachers of the Division are actual carriers of the modern Belarusian school of instrumentation, its main task being to open creative potentials of future conductors, art directors of artistic groups and performers.

Since September 2015 the division became a part of the Composition Division, since September 2017 Instrumentation Division was merged with Orchestra Conducting Division.

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