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Кафедра белорусской музыки

Belarusian Music Division

Before 1967 the theoretical musical training of the students was carried out by the Division of Musical Theory, History and Composition. The formation of the national musicology science and education is connected with the work of famous musicologists of their days Yu. Letetsky, M. Minenkova, M. Shifrin, S. Nisnevich, L. Moukharinskaya. They are all graduates of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatoires in the class of world-famous researchers of music I. Sposobin, L. Mazel, K. Koushnaryov, B. Levik and others. From the moment of foundation in 1968 of independent Divisions of Musical Theory (Head – K. Stsepantsevich) and Musical History (Head – G. Glouschenko) the research and methodical activities in the sphere of musicology became much more animated. A notable event of musicology of the period was publication of "The History of Belarusian Soviet Music" (Minsk, 1971).

The Division has appeared in 1991. During relatively short period of time the Division has become a real centre of Belarusian ethnomusicology, recognised in our county and in the world. The Division is consistently developing the traditions that were laid down by one of the founders of the modern Belarusian ethnomusicology L. Moukharinskaya. The experience of older teachers of the Division – Doctor of Musicology, Professor I. Nazina, Doctor of Musicology, Professor V. Dadiomava (Head of the Division), Doctor of Musicology, Professor L. Kostyukovets, Candidates of Musicology, Professors of the Division T. Yakimenko and  Candidates of Musicology, Assistant Professor T. Likhach – is combined with enthusiasm of its younger representatives, Candidates of Musicology T. Bercovich, L. Barankevich and others. Students of the Division are actively participating in folklore expeditions over the Republic. A great role in organisation of this important cause of preservation of the Belarusian musical heritage is played by the Study of Folk Music.

In September 2017 the division became a part of the Division of Music History and Music Belarusian Studies.

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