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Admission terms for foreign citizens on a fee-paying basis

            Foreign citizens wishing to study at the Belarusian State Academy of Music (hereinafter referred to as the Academy) must have general secondary education, secondary specialized musical or higher musical education.

          An obligatory condition for getting an education in the Academy is the training in the preparatory department (1 year), where the Russian language, specialty, music theory and other disciplines are studied.

         Admission to the I or II stages of higher education is only after satisfactory completion of the final examinations at the preparatory department. Trainees who have unsatisfactorily completed the curriculum of the preparatory department may be offered training again.

         The main course of study at the Academy is 4 or 5 years (depending on the chosen specialty). After finishing the studies at the first stage of higher education, those who wish can be offered to take up a master course (1 year) and post-graduate course (3 years).

 Tuition fees (in US dollars):

Preparatory department: 1 year – 5 150.

Basic course: 5 years – 6 850 – 7 250 per year (depending on the specialty).

Master's degree: 1 year – 7 550.

Post graduate: 3 years – 7 150 per year.

          Documents for the preparatory department are accepted in the period of 01.03.2019 - 15.04.2019.

 Documents performance can be provided in person, via mediator, or sent to the admission committee to the e-mail address: international_st@tut.by.

          The following documents must be submitted to the admission committee:

 1. Copy of the passport.

1.1. Notarized translation into Russian of the passport.

 2. Сopy of the education certificate or a certificate from the place of study (for those who did not finish the training at the time of submission of documents).

2.1. Notarized translation into Russian of the document on education or certificate from the place of study.

 3. Certificate of training (extract from the record-examination sheet for each semester with grades).

3.1. A notarized translation into Russian of a certificate of training (an excerpt from the examination sheet for each semester with grades).

 4. Video recording of the program in mp4 format. The recording should be submitted without video and audio editing, lasting 15–20 minutes. Video recording of the program is provided only to the e-mail address: international_st@tut.by.

          Information on the conditions of admission, terms, specialties, tuition fees and requirements for the execution of the program can be found on the Academy's website www.bgam.edu.by in the "Studies" section.


          Audition of videotapes of entrants is carried out in the period of 15.04.2019 - 15.05.2019. Successfully auditioned foreign citizens, will be issued invitations to study. Within 3 days after their arrival in the Republic of Belarus, they need to come to the Training Methodic Department for registration of documents and registration at the address: Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 30, room 126.

          All expenses for medical insurance are paid independently.

          Foreign citizens studying at the Belarusian State Academy of Music are provided with a comfortable block-type hostel. Accommodation - jointly with Belarusian students in double rooms or four-place rooms. In the block there is a kitchen and sanitary facilities. The cost of living in the hostel is about 50 US dollars per month.

  Contact dating:

Educational establishment "Belarusian State Academy of Music" Internatsionalnaya st., 30

220030, Minsk, Belarus.

Phone: (375-17) 321 21 97

Fax: (375-17) 328 55 01

E-mail: international_st@tut.by

Specialist on work with foreign students

Lyubov Khmelevskaya

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